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You are going to sign a purchase contract.

In most of the cases, the problem which worries you is not new. Your feeling of concern starts when you realise something is not right in your purchasing. However, it is much more probable the irregular matters existed since the beginning.

Dealing with sellers, developers or estate agents is not easy, none can denies it. But there are some interesting and useful issues you need to have clear before paying any amount (smaller or bigger) or signing any kind of document, although you really love that nice and stunning house you visited the other day.

Some managements are maybe too complicated and difficult to be carried out by an individual, as checking Land Registry conditions or building license brief in the Town Hall (of course, you should do it, go ahead and investigate on this questions too if you want to learn more) . Nevertheless, you will be able to read the contract or any other paper you may be invited to sign and find out whether is stated in it every essential point.

You are rea…