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Four years prison for Enrique J. and Leopoldo T. Faura Sánchez ("Grupo Mirador").

Enrique J. and Leopoldo T. Faura Sánchez have been found guilty of missappropiation by Spanish Supreme Court, they face a final sentence of four years in prison, judgment dated 14th. November 2013.
The Supreme Court has confirmed the first judgement by Málaga High Court (2012) over a missapropiation crime against twelve buyers in the promotion "Mirador de la Fortaleza" (Vélez-Málaga), granting the appealing by the victims and the Public Prosecutor, who asked for a 4 years prison conviction (instead of 2 years prison established in the first judgement). Mr. Enrique J. and Mr. Leopoldo T. Faura will face a fine and they are obliged to compesate all the buyers, giving the money paid by them back, plus interest and costs, a total amount over 400.000 euros.
The accused appealing against the Málaga High Court judgement has been dismissed by the Supreme Court. One of the sentencing judges (out of five) did agree with their appealing though.
This lawfirm, Patricia Morales, who is d…